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Talent strategy (salary and benefits, cultural atmosphere, career development) and job requirements (recruitment according to the requirements submitted by the department)


Wages and benefits

Basic salary + performance bonus + year-end bonus + annual salary adjustment (semi-annually);

Pay five social insurance and one housing fund + lunch subsidy + good and comfortable office environment;


2. Double weekends + paid annual leave + marriage and funeral benefits + irregular tour construction;


3. Organize staff activities (birthday parties) on a regular basis, and pay in kind or expenses on traditional festivals;

Human resource strategy

Human resources are the company's first resource, talent is the company's most valuable wealth. The company established and implemented the "people-oriented" strategic thinking at the early stage of its establishment. In the new period of development, the company will further introduce talents, establish "of men and use, having both ability and political integrity" of the employing mechanism, continue to deepen employees' incentive system and enhance the level of salary, benefits and provide the competitive compensation for staff, to maximize the transfer the staff's initiative and creativity, make employee value fully reflected, at the same time establish a comprehensive system of staff training and career development path, improve the whole quality of the staff and professional skills, provide wide developing stage, and build a "dedication, integrity, pragmatic, innovative" staff.

Equipment engineer:

1 person

Salary: 6K-10K

1. Major in structural or mechanical design;

2. More than three years of experience in non-standard equipment (tower and tank) and steel structure design, with the ability to calculate and check the strength;

3. Capable of solving problems on the project site;

4. Intermediate title or registered engineer preferred;

5. Able to travel frequently.

Desulfurization and

denitration designer:

1 person


1. Bachelor degree or above in environmental engineering, thermal power, chemical process or chemical machinery;

2. Desulfurization and denitrification scheme and construction drawing design of waste, sludge, solid waste and hazardous waste incineration flue gas;

3. Hard-working, proactive and team player.

Electrical engineer:

1 person


1. Electrical or automation engineering major;

2. At least 3 years' experience in low-voltage distribution or automation (PLC or DCS) control design, familiar with instrument selection;

3. More than three on-site equipment installation, debugging and operation experience in desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal projects;

4. Intermediate title or registered engineer preferred;

5. Able to travel frequently.

Solid waste treatment

process designer:

2 people


Responsible for waste, sludge and solid waste or waste incineration flue gas (SDA, CFB, alkaline sodium, dry, SNCR and SCR) desulfurization denitration pre-sale program design, bidding documents preparation, technical agreement written, contact information, design construction drawing design, procurement specifications, bill of materials preparation, debugging scheme establishment, operation manual and operating specifications.

Skills required:

1. College degree or above in environmental engineering, thermal power, chemical technology or chemical machinery;

2. More than two years of experience in desulfurization and denitrification design of flue gas, able to independently carry out process calculation, thermodynamic calculation and process drawing design of the device;

3. Familiar with the selection and calculation of fans, pumps, heaters, heat exchangers, pipes, valves and instruments;

4. Intermediate title or registered engineer preferred;

5. Be able to travel for short term.

Project manager:

3 people


1. Major in environmental or electrical engineering;

2. More than three years of project management experience, with strong project management ability;

3. Experience in on-site equipment installation, debugging and acceptance of more than three desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal projects;

4. Youe construction engineer certificate is preferred;

5. Able to travel frequently.

Purchasing specialist:

1 person


1. Bachelor degree or above in purchasing and logistics;

2. At least 1 year experience in procurement, familiar with procurement process, capable of market research;

3. Familiar with relevant contract terms, able to make commercial tender and contract;

4. Able to control the purchasing cost, and constantly look for ways and measures to reduce the cost;

5. Strong sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure.

Water treatment

technology designer:

2 people


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in environmental engineering or mechatronics/engineering mechatronics or water supply and drainage;

2, 3--5 years working experience in various wastewater treatment process design, familiar with and able to solve difficult technical problems in wastewater process independently; 3. Master the actual project management process;

4. Experience leading design team is preferred;

5. Responsible for the overall design of the project at the early stage, the technical communication with the owner at the early stage, and the review of the design technical data and drawings at the later stage; Project process plan, tender technical document, and construction investment and operation cost estimate audit, etc.


1. Proficient in office software such as CAD, WORD and EXCEL;

2. Working experience in domestic design institute and certified environmental engineer qualification certificate are preferred.

Water treatment

engineer: 1 person



1. Graduated from environmental engineering, familiar with sewage treatment process;

2. Carry out professional and technical exchanges, scheme design, construction drawing design and professional and technical document compilation of leachate system;

3. On-site installation and debugging.


1. Proficient in using various office software and able to travel on business;

2. Familiar with biochemical debugging and A/O debugging;

3. Familiar with environmental protection equipment, able to operate environmental protection equipment independently.

Budget officer:

1 person


Job requirements:

1. Calculate the bidding control price according to the environmental protection engineering technical specifications;

2. Checked the bidding quotation of engineering projects and prepared the budget of the projects undertaken.


1. Familiar with project quota, project cost market and market price of materials and equipment;

2. Familiar with current engineering cost specifications and operating procedures;

Familiar with working with relevant computer software.

Legal commissioner:

1 person



1. Reviewed the company's contracts and participated in the drafting and formulation of major contracts;

2. Participate in the review of the company's rules and regulations, and modify the articles of association according to the needs of the company;

3. Handle company patents and all kinds of qualifications, and protect intellectual property rights and inventions;

4. Provide legal advice related to the company's production and operation;

5. Other tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Proficient in relevant legal knowledge, understanding environmental protection industry knowledge, familiar with qualification processing process;

2. Strong logical thinking ability and adaptability;

3. Legal qualification certificate is preferred.

General management

department manager:

1 person


Job requirements:

1. Formulate medium and long-term human resource planning according to the company's development strategy; Management of organizational structure and post system, adjustment and optimization of organizational structure;

2. Expand talent recruitment and introduction channels, organize and implement talent recruitment and allocation;

3. Formulation and implementation of salary and performance appraisal;

4. Responsible for the drafting and contract review of various legal documents of the company, qualification management, and management of external lawyers;

5. Administration and other tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources and management, with more than 5 years' working experience as manager of general management department;

2. Have a deep understanding of each module of human resources, and can guide the work of each functional module;

3. Familiar with national laws and regulations, strong team leadership ability.

Sales director:

1 person

Salary: basic salary + commission

1. Formulate and implement business plan of the business department.

2. Organize and hold various meetings of the business department regularly;

3. Sales cost control;

4. Review and sign major contracts of the business department;

5. External public relations of the business department.

6. Staff construction, selection, allocation and evaluation of the business department;

7. Control the budget of business department expenses;

8. Supervise the staff assessment and training of the business department.

Benefits: five social insurance and one housing fund, lunch allowance, performance bonus, full attendance bonus, year-end bonus, holiday allowance, birthday benefits, annual benefits,


Working time: 8:30-12:00 PM: 13:00-17:30 lunch break: 12:00-13:00 weekends and weekends off

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