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Environmental factor is an important input factor in the process of economic growth

Ma zhong is the director of the academic committee of the school of environment, renmin university of China, the national key discipline of population, resources and environmental economics, doctoral supervisor. Member of science and technology committee of ministry of ecology and environment, standing director of Chinese society of environmental science. He is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of economics of environment and natural resources. Green China person of the year 2009.

How to seize the opportunity of sludge treatment

It is estimated that by 2020, urban sludge production in China will reach 74,624,300 tons. According to the "ten measures on water" issued in 2015, the existing sludge treatment and treatment facilities should basically complete the transformation to meet the standards by the end of 2017, and the harmless treatment of municipal sludge at or above the prefecture-level should reach over 90% by the end of 2020. According to the estimation, it is expected that the investment of new sludge treatment equipment will reach 50-60 billion, and the sludge treatment and disposal market is huge.

Address the challenges of the "mandatory age" of garbage classification

Whether you agree or disagree with garbage classification, garbage classification should be conducted according to regulations; Whether you are used to being "forced" or not, you have to get used to it, no one can be an exception to the rule of law. Mandatory garbage classification is not only a penalty, but also a good effect can be achieved through rewards. More mandatory means should be explored to evaluate the mandatory effect by whether the majority of residents have formed the habit of garbage classification.

The ministry of ecology and environment has abolished 47 normative documents

According to the general office of the state council about to carry out the ecological environment protection laws, regulations and normative documents cleaning work notice (countries do hair [2018] no. 87) and the civil affairs department under the state council general office on the certification work notice (countries do hair [2018] 47), ecological environment decided to abolish 47 pieces of normative documents, modify the three pieces of normative documents, now be released.
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