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Zhenjiang dagang thermal power plant co. LTD

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Project overview:

2×75t/h boiler denitrification adopts low-nitrogen combustion +SNCR combined technology, desulfurization adopts limestone-gypsum wet process, two furnaces and one tower; The denitration of 130t/h boiler adopts the combined process of SNCR+SCR, and the desulfurization is one furnace and one tower.

Project construction place: dagang new district, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province;

Performance index: SO2≤50mg NOx≤100mg

Engineering features:

1. The boiler exhaust emission of thermal power plant, which is required by the state, completely meets the national environmental protection requirements after production;

2. Two furnaces, one tower, #1, #2 boiler load change, desulfurization system adaptability. Optimized design of the whole system, low smoke resistance, low energy consumption and cost saving;

3. The desulfurization induced draft fan is changed from traditional frequency conversion regulation to permanent magnet speed regulation device. When put into production, it is one of the largest torque devices in China.

4. As a renovation project, the construction site is small, the underground conditions are extremely complex, the design and construction are difficult, and the construction period is short;

5, desulfurization using spray empty tower large wet desulfurization;

6. The project was successfully launched and run once;

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